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Final Projects

Project topics

You will complete one of the parallel programming and analysis projects below. For all project topics, you must address or satisfy all of the following.

Note that for many of these project topics, parallel code can easily be obtained online. You must develop your own original code to address your problem. Researching your problem on the web is expected and encouraged, but I recommend you avoid looking directly at someone’s code for inspiration.

1. Heat Equation

See Section 31.3 of HPSC.

2. Poisson Equation

See Section 4.2.2 of HPSC.

3. Conjugate Gradient

See Section 5.5.11 of HPSC.

4. Gaussian Elimination

See Section 5.1 of HPSC.

5. Molecular Dynamics

See Chapter 7 of HPSC.

6. Sorting and Combinatorics

See Chapter 8 of HPSC.

7. Graph analytics

See Chapter 9 of HPSC.

8. N-body Simulation

See Chapter 10 of HPSC.

9. Monte Carlo Transport

See Chapter 11 of HPSC.

Project Reports

You will prepare and submit a report detailing your project, code, and results. The reports will be peer-reviewed and graded according to this rubric.

Project video

As part of your final project submission, you will prepare and record at 10 minute video lecture with slides summarizing your project and results.